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Weekend Drop-in Workshops

Elevate your family time with some spontaneous creativity at The Boston Artistry Studio! Our drop-in family and friends workshop offers flexible art exploration sessions for creative fun. Whether you want to create matching mommy-and-me t-shirts, design personalized tote bags, or explore textured canvases, there's something for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. You can choose between the 2- or 4 pm time slots for just $29.99 per person, including all materials. Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of artists and reserve your spot now for an afternoon of joy, laughter, and artistic exploration at The Boston Artistry Studio!

Boy Painter

Canvas Paint

Join our Canvas Painting Workshop to explore textures, abstract and contemporary art, and experiment with new techniques! Create your unique graffiti-style abstract collage art on textured canvas using 3d modeling and pattern techniques!


T-Shirt, Tote Bag & More Participants can choose between a T-shirt, tote bag, or a blank from the "pick your art" wall during the hour-long workshop. The workshop is packed with exciting techniques, including creating stunning artwork using stencils and Lego print art and unleashing creativity with open-ended and process-based setups. Participants can also learn about pattern design and color theory while exploring different materials. Get ready for a fun-filled and fantastic experience!


Denim Paint

Dive into a creative painting experience at our Denim Paint Workshop! Enjoy using premium fabric paints while being guided by a designer to create a unique art design on your favorite jeans or jacket.

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