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I'm Nandita, the designer behind Boston Artistry, a little haven in Hingham, MA, that's become my artistic home. I wear many hats – an artist, a professional shoe designer, and, most importantly, a believer in the power of creative expression.

Being immersed in art and fashion, I've found endless inspiration in the young artists I've met. Their fearless and playful approach to art never fails to spark my creativity.

My journey with Boston Artistry began as a simple dream – to inject new life into everyday wardrobes. Armed with a passion for design and a car filled with materials, I started setting up events wherever I could. But what happened next was truly magical. Our community embraced this vision, and now, we have a dedicated studio space to accommodate our ever-growing family of artists.

Our workshops are more than just gatherings; they're bursts of color, laughter, and the pure joy of creation. They also reflect my deep fascination with how children grow through art. I'm on a mission to build a community of young artists who share my passion for upcycled fashion and sustainability.

At Boston Artistry, we're rewriting the rules of fashion. We believe fashion should be a canvas for fun, a platform for sustainability, and a reflection of your unique personality. I invite you to join our creative community, where art knows no bounds and fashion is a wearable masterpiece.

So, come on in, join us at Boston Artistry, and let's create something beautiful together.

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