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Sponge-Painting a Bag

Hingham Ma

Fun Wearable Art Workshops

Welcome to The Boston Artistry's Water St Studio, your daily destination for creativity and joy. Our studio provides the perfect opportunity to unleash your artistic expression through our fun wearable art workshops, canvas painting sessions, and sustainability-focused designer classes. 


Our unique art classes are process-based and open-ended, designed to encourage exploration, creativity, and curiosity. Join our vibrant community and experience the magic of art as you create your own one-of-a-kind pieces.


At our studio, we have a variety of mediums to paint on, including wearables like tees, totes, jackets, hats, and sneakers, as well as canvas and clay pots. Whether you want to personalize your wardrobe or create a unique art piece, our workshops offer endless possibilities for bringing your artistic vision to life.

Abstract Graphs
Still Life
Sponge-Painting a Bag

1. Pick A Workshop

Book a spot for your preferred workshop using our web-based booking system. Pick a theme and join us at the studio on the scheduled day.

2. Visit Our Location

We’ll have paint, your spot, and an apron ready for you. Our bar and kitchen are fully stocked with drinks and popcorn to keep your inner artist inspired during the event.

3. Create

No need for any prior art experience to participate! You can easily follow along with the designer's instructions and turn a blank canvas into a stunning work of art. And the best part? You get to take your masterpiece home and wear it proudly!

Book a Spot

Register for Memberships

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Jewelry Making Workshop
BYO Custom Sneaker Paint Workshop
Canvas Painting Workshop
Paint A Tote Workshop
Builder Workshop
Sculpt and paint Workshop
Sculpt Workshop


69 Water St,

Hingham, MA 02043

(617) 360-7718

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